April 28, 2023

Family Firms Join Forces

Two of Miramichi’s most respected funeral service firms are now one.

Dana Jardine of Bell’s Funeral Home and Peter Davidson of Davidson’s Funeral Service today announced that the two local businesses have combined operations, under Jardine’s leadership, effective immediately.

Peter and Joyce Davidson say they made a decision over the past year to move toward retirement. After taking over the Davidson family business, founded by Peter’s father Borden, the couple built and opened the current funeral home in 1991. “After 32 years it’s time to slow down a little and focus on family and other things.” they said.

Dana Jardine said the decision to acquire the Davidson business was an easy one . “These are similar businesses – multi-generational family firms with deep  roots in the community and exceptional reputations for the service they have always provided. I’m really honoured to have the  opportunity to carry on their work and build on all they have accomplished.” A funeral director for almost 20 years, Jardine, is a Newcastle native who was raised in Blackville where he lives today.

Peter Davidson - Dana Jardine

Peter Davidson of Davidson’s Funeral Service (L) and Dana Jardine of Bell’s Funeral Home have announced plans to merge their businesses. The combined firm which will operate from the Davidson location at 597 Old King George Highway.

While stepping back and dedicating a little more time to family and other pursuits will be quite a change for Peter Davidson, after three decades at the helm of a busy funeral home, he won’t be leaving the business altogether. Peter will continue to work with families and support Dana and the combined staff team including Melanie (Cortes) Brophy, Randy MacLean, Steve Girard, Troy Vickers, Murray MacDonald and Darren Allison.

For the immediate future the business will continue as Davidson’s and Bell’s Funeral Home. Longer-term plans have not yet been finalized but Jardine says the two prominent family names will always have a presence and a place of honour in his business.

The combined business will take up residence in the more modern Davidson property. Operations at the older Bell’s location will begin winding down immediately.

The nature of funeral service dictates that the practical work of the funeral homes will carry on uninterrupted. “Families always come first,” noted Peter Davidson. “This change will not interfere with our work.” Phone numbers and email addresses from both firms will continue to be answered. “If you need us, just call – Bell’s or Davidson’s – either way we will be here,” added Dana Jardine.